Giving Back

If you feel your child has benefited from our services, we encourage parents/carers to support our work with a singular or monthly donation. The smallest amount given regularly is of great help as it multiplies with all other fundraising efforts we employ.

Here is what your contribution gets:

£5 allows us to purchase materials for the workshops at the youth club.
£10 allows us to pay our phone bill.
£15 allows us to take young person on extracurricular trip.
£20 allows us to pay for the website maintenance.
£25 allows us to reach schools and deliver anti-homophobia workshop.
£50 allows us to reimburse volunteers that help support young people for their out of pocket expenses.
£100 allows us to take a group of young people on a day out of London excursion.
£200 pays for one young person to access our weekend-long LGBT Youth Winter Camp.
£300 allows us to pay for part-time staff to assure we provide the safest space possible.
£400 pays for one young person to access our week-long LGBT Youth Summer Camp.