Our Services to Young People

Youth Clubs

Offers great affirming peer to peer support network so needed in very much straight world we all live in. It is also opportunity to learn all about LGBT identities, sexual health and anything and everything that relates to being LGB or T.
This space is exclusive to young people age 13 – 19 (25 if SEN) who identify as non-heterosexual or trans as well as are unsure of their sexuality and/or gender.


Is offered on one to one basis to support young LGBT people or those who are unsure of their sex and/or gender who could benefit from more regular and intensive support. It is normally arranged week in advance and happens weekly or as needed for 45 minutes. We currently do not impose time limits on mentoring, but we assess each case individually.

Summer Camp

Is a week long residential offering young people intensively affirming LGBT space to counterbalance social isolation they experience on a day to day basis in schools, colleges, at work and on the streets. We try our best to keep them engaged in non-competitive activities, supported, empowered and challenged. Young people love those experiences and find them very rewarding. All staff is from vast arrays of professions and experiences making sure young people’s experience is safe and enriching one.

Summer camp normally takes place in third week of August and registrations open in May.

Winter Camp

Is a weekend version of our week long Summer Camp. It offers great affirming experience with a vast outdoor pursuits to keep young people occupied and happy. We do our at most to assure programme is diverse and meets many young people’s talents so they can all shine and learn at the same time.

Winter camp normally takes place during February half term (last weekend) registrations take place in January.

LGBT Library

Offers hundreds of books and DVD’s for young people and professionals to access. If you are preparing thesis or simply look for tips on managing diversity in the classroom let us know and we will be happy to help.

Please check our bookshop to purchase recommended books here:

School work

We do two types of school work.

We deliver sexuality awareness and anti-homophobia workshops and we mentor young people who are LGBT or unsure of their sexuality and/or gender who can’t or won’t access our Centres. You can read more on mentoring under our mentoring section for professionals here.

A lot of our work in schools starts as awareness raising and many of our partners noticed a great reduction in homophobic behaviour and language as a result of our involvement.

“Your work helped us reduce homophobic behaviour and workshops are highly rated by young people who attend them”
Kevin Lawler, Head of PSHE Queens Park Community School

“Workshops are great fun and yet so educational! Our young people leave them inspired and their behaviour improves rapidly”
Naomi Richards, Head of PSHE Preston Manor High School