Why join our campaigns?

Our main goal and vocation is to fight and protect the rights of LGBT young people, and with our campaigns you can help us to support our nations youth.
Please see bellow for our current campaigns;

Save Mosaic LGBT Youth Club from Closing

The Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre in Kilburn is a local government funded LGBT youth centre. However, Mosaic is now at threat from disappearance, but your vote can still help to stop this from happening. It is FREE to vote, thus please show your support. Thank you.

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Help Fund LGBT Youth Services

We helped hundreds of young people and their parents. Now we need your help to survive a sudden funding cut…

We need £15K to pay for fundraising costs, cover rent, bills and volunteers reimbursements for 12 months until we can secure more sustainable funding source. Fully committed and dedicated staff has offered to work for free until Mosaic is sound once again.

Thank you for your support

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