Giving a Financial Donation

If you are able to, we would love to have you as our regular donor as even the smallest of sums given regularly is of great help as we can plan ahead and budget accordingly. Smallest of amounts given regularly is the greatest way to support a cause you care about!

Research stipulates that added value of regularity adds 20% more to what is being gifted.

We understand that not everyone is able to offer a large donation and we are truly grateful for any amount. Please progress to our TotalGive page below that will open in new window.

Donating Services and Skills

If you have a unique set of competencies or run a business in graphic design, printing, public relations, legal services, accountancy, banking or any at all you can donate those services to us so we can pass the benefits to young people.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Baking cakes for our fundraising events
  • Accountancy for our accounts
  • Graphically designing our publicity or campaigns materials
  • Creating costumes for young people for Pride
  • Write a blog about how you or someone you know benefited from our services