Birth of the Events Department

Three years ago, a conversation occurred within Mosaic regarding how a member felt about LGBT+ opportunities. It was clear that they felt there weren’t enough opportunities at schools and the occasions which they did offer events such as a school prom, it tended to exclude LGBT+ youth. With this comment, the concept of an under 18’s LGBT+ exclusive event and Mosaic events department was born.

Since then, we have now established a respectable brand, and the services we provide has seen a consistent increase with each youth event held. Mosaic now see’s many young people coming from all areas across London and even some travelling nationwide to attend our events. This alone demonstrates to us how important our events are to the LGBT youth to bring everyone together and feel a sense of community.

-Head of Events & LGBT+ Youth Ambassador
 Rafael Rosa 

Discover our Events

This event provides a spooky and joyous evening, with an optional scary dungeon experience that will get everybody’s hearts pumping.

Pride Prom
This event provides a fabulous evening experience, of an LGBT+ inclusive prom with music, dance and entertainment.  This allows young people to meet others in their community and solidify a sense of pride in their identity.

More Coming Soon!
Keep an eye out.

Event Team

Official Enquires

The Mosaic Events Team will be delighted to support any enquiry that you may have, including customer service, business and press enquiries. You can send your email to or contact the department by telephone, Monday to Friday 11AM Until 7PM on 077 1830 9575.