Pride Prom 2017

Under 18’s Event

Mosaic understands the frustrations that LGBT+ young people face in today’s society with blocked opportunities to socialise and actively take part in the wider LGBT+ community, in a healthy and safe environment. Pride Prom offers a platform for LGBT+ under 18s living in Greater London to come together to celebrate their diverse identities in the form of a prom. Pride Prom is proud to announce that we are a part of the Pride in London’s Festival.

We are proud to announce that X Favtor’s Bratavio will be hosting the event!

For the first time ever in Pride Prom’s history, we will be implementing a theme of Alice in Wonderland. So, expect the unexpected!

The evening will consist of:

  • Mind blowing and inspirational entertainment from LGBT+ performers, with the likes of Micheal Twaits!
  • Young persons talent show. Get in contact for the chance to participate.
  • Music and dancing with our wonderful DJ.
  • If dancing isn’t for you, you could always socialise at our non-alcoholic bar, drinking our tasty mocktails and soft drinks.

The Event Details

The event will take place on 1st July 2017 at London’s Pirate Castle, Oval Road recently renevated venue from 7:30PM until midnight. We ask that as this event isn’t for educational purposes, we would request an early bird donation of £9.00. Door admision is £10.00. This event is exclusively for LGBT+ under 18s*. Dress to impress!

No alcohol is permitted on site. ID may be required*, if you have the pleasure of looking over 18. Security will be on site during the course of the event.

Keep up-to-date on our Facebook events page, HERE!!

If you have any questions, big or small, please feel free to contact Mosaic’s Events department at

If you are unable to provide a donation for financial reasons, contact us to apply for free admission.

Thank you for your support and Happy Pride!

Mosaic Events Department.


Meet new, exciting and wounderful people!


Go crazy with our amazing performers!


Enjoy taking fabulous photos with your friends!


Create memories that will last a lifetime!