Flawless Talent

Young LGBT+ performer with a passionate ability or skill, but don’t know how to get out there, in the real world?

Welcome to Flawless Talent
A brand new competition for under 18s performers who identify as part of the LGBT+ community to showcase their abilities and win the opportunity to perform LIVE onstage at Pride In London!

We are looking to discover new talents that have a true drive and desire to succeed. With Flawless Talent, you have the chance to showcase your skill and gain public recognition to advance yourself.

We must make it clear that just like perfection, being flawless is subjective. Be proud of who you are and show London what makes YOU flawless!

How the Competition Works
Applications > Private heats > Public Show > Performance at Pride In London

Apply to perform at YPGT!

Would you like to showcase your amazing talent? Why not apply to enter the Flawless Talent competition? We are looking for all types of talents from music and dance to literature. Anything to celebrate being you! Apply here!

Respected Partnerships

Running Flawless Talent wouldn’t be possible without our respected partners. We thank them dearly.

Conway Hall
Pride in London

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