Mentoring for LGBT Young People

Mentoring is for anyone who wants to have a chat in confidence with a youth worker. We offer advice, information and support on a one-to-one basis. It is NOT a counselling service – more like a space for you to be heard, examine options and bring about positive change in confidence. Some people come for one-offs, others for a more long-term support – it depends on where you’re at and what you want. We can also provide one-2-one support by email and by phone.

Young people who have used the service, have found it a safe place to talk through problems and take decisions in their lives. Issues discussed include coming out (or not as the case may be), work, homophobic bullying, confidence, sex, dealing with organisations and knowing your rights, bisexuality, suicidal feelings, HIV/AIDS, loneliness and depression, sexual abuse, racism, the LGBT scene and much more. Other people just need somewhere to talk about what motivates them, dealing with conflict with parents, starting new relationships etc. Whatever it is, if you need a space to have a non-judgemental chat, we are here for you.

We also support young people to access health and support services, such as sexual health clinics and counselling services. We recognise that going on your own can be a nerve-wracking and intimidating experience. For example, the youth workers have gone with a number of young women and men to the sexual health clinic, making the appointments, explaining the procedures and then returning with them for check-ups.

All face-to-face sessions are free and totally confidential and take place at venues where you feel comfortable. This could be somewhere very private such as the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, or a more social space like a café or even McDonalds if you so choose.

You can book an appointment a week in advance, at the time that suits you. Workers have supervision with experienced LGBT therapists to ensure a high quality service is offered.

What do young people who have used mentoring think?

What our young people say about mentoring

  • I feel that the service is very good. The meetings with Neil have been very useful. It as helped me feel free to live life and to be more confident with being gay. Being able to talk to Lukasz away from the group in a friendly and informal environment has been positive. He is someone who you can trust and offload any problem you might have. You always know there is someone to talk to. You can trust Neil over any matter you want to talk about. If I needed help Neil would go out of his way to give 100% support.

    JamieMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member
  • It's useful to talk about any problems I have in my day-to-day life and for a free coffee!

    JaneMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member
  • There's no way I'd have gone to the sexual health clinic on my own...I was really scared!

    RakeshMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member