How We Can Help

One to One

We are here to help so if you feel you could benefit from one to one parental mentoring to help you understand what your lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure child goes through then please get in touch. If your child is attending our young people’s provisions then we would need their permission to speak with you. That assures that your relationship will not deteriorate and that they don’t feel betrayed by our staff.


Sometimes it’s helpful to arrange for mediation process to take place to help family to better understand each other. It allows facilitated discussion and openness in a safe space where grievances and hurt feelings can be resolved.


We have books on art of bringing up LGBT teenagers that has its very own challenges on top of the ‘normal’ teenager – parent struggles and those can be found in our library. Please get in touch to see when you can access them.

We also encourage you to buy our recommended books via this Amazon window as it will generate free to you donation that helps to maintain our services.