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Our members say:


  • Mosaic Youth Centre is a place where I feel comfortable, I feel free. I let go of all of my stresses. I've made so many friends and developed my confidence as a proud LGBT female!

    Rebecca MMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member
  • The youth centre is like a second home and family to myself. I've met some of the most diverse young people in London and I feel like it's a place where I can be accepted.

    Laura FMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member
  • Before I came here I was living a lie, they helped me to become me and to accept who I was. I feel a lot more comfortable in who I am, they are amazing here, my second family. They do make the world a better place.

    JosephMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member
  • I was a individual, I was in hiding, I was the only one. But going to mosaic made me realise that I really wasn't the only one, I wasn't alone. There are people who I've met at Mosaic who've had the same experience as me, being able to talk to them without feeling judged is not only an amazing feeling, but uplifting. Mosaic is my home, it's where I met my family of amazing individuals.

    ElizabethMosaic LGBT+ Youth Centre Member